Dream Therapy – Natural Health & Healing

Learn to communicate with your subconscious mind which speaks to you in symbols through your dreams while providing practical insight into our emotional and mental state by analyzing hidden meanings. See two actual dream therapy sessions and discover some of the most common dream symbols used by qualified dream therapists. Discover how dream therapy can be used to heal both physical and emotional ailments by unlocking our subconscious concerns through metaphors in our sleep.

The Alternative Health series brings enlightening and awakening, cutting edge programs covering topics such as holistic health, spirituality, natural medicine, relationships, psychology, tai chi, herbalism and many new paradigms in science and metaphysics. Enjoy and learn from the experts in our collection and experience these specialized areas of natural medicine and discover how the easy to understand “step-by-step” instructions help guide you and your students toward total physical emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Alternative Health Series

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