How to Improve & Boost Cell Phone Signal for Sprint | weBoost Join weBoost video guy, Derek Solberg, as he explains how to get better cell coverage on your Sprint phone. Plus, learn how a cell phone signal booster from weBoost can help with strong, reliable 4G Sprint signal throughout your home or vehicle.
To get the most out of your Sprint signal, start by making a signal map, finding out where the nearest cell tower is, or even just rolling down the window. You can also try wifi calling, which is easy to set up and won’t cost you anything extra on your monthly bill. You can read more about this on Sprint’s website:

You can also install Airave, a Sprint microcell, or network extender at your house. Network extenders also use your internet connection to create a small area of Sprint cell signal in your home. Network extenders are easy to set up and can keep you connected while at home. You can learn more about Sprint Airave here:

If you want to stay connected in a car, truck or any other vehicle, or simply don’t want to tie up your internet connection with calls, try a cell phone signal booster! A cell phone signal booster will keep you connected by boosting weak signal in your area and providing you with strong reliable 4G Sprint signal throughout your home or vehicle.

For more information check out our blog post about how to get better cell signal for Sprint:

If you have any questions about battery life or cell signal boosters, feel free to contact our Customer Service at 1-866-294-1660. To learn more about cell signal boosters from weBoost, click the link above.


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