Air Transport of the Future: Hypersonic Lapcat A2 Passenger Plane

Travelling by air is fast, safe and convenient. But even though modern passenger planes are fast, the idea of hypersonic travel is brought out more often by modern aviation experts, when talking about the transport of the future.

Lapcat A2 is a concept airplane, which will revive the idea of travelling by air at speeds over 5300mph (up to Mach 5).
This form of future transport is expected to be used for handling commercial flights. The expected travel time from Brussels to Sydney will be around 4 hours, which is surprisingly fast and even sounds like science fiction.

Additional information about Lapcat A2 may be found here:

To learn more about other prototypes, go to this video:

The list includes such entries:

– vertical takeoff jet- Xti Trifan 600;

– Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie;

– the AHEAD airplane concept.


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