2020 PIM HR Conference – Session 2 – Frank Brown – Finding Diversity & Inclusion In Print

Human Resources is one of the most vital facets of your business. From hiring to training to retaining, PIM surveyed our HR community to better understand the concerns of print service providers in the areas of managing human resources. Based on member input, this inaugural PIM HR Conference will tackle the most difficult areas facing HR professionals today and answer YOUR company’s top business and employment concerns! 

Finding Diversity & Inclusion in Print 
Frank Brown, Vice President, Minuteman Press
Frank Brown, President of Minutemen Press will talk about how print companies need to work towards diversifying their workforce, Currently, the PIM Midwest region of print service providers has few black-owned business owners or positions of leadership served by people of color. PIM Diversity seeks to create foundational changes in the recruiting, hiring, and training of black people and all people of color, to close the racial leadership gap in print.


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