Episode 6: A city afloat


by Kivi



Imagine floating in the ocean. No, you’re not atop a raft or cruising in a boat. Instead, you’re actually living there.

That’s the future Guna, the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2020 president envisions. Join Guna on episode No. 6 of The Drive Forward Podcast, where he shares ASCE’s efforts of depicting five futuristic cities, including floating, frozen, mega, off-planet and rural communities, to challenge the next generation of civil engineers.

He delves into their first creation, the floating city, which entails structures based in the water with reimagined energy concepts.

Guna challenges civil engineers to become masters of systems integration in order to take on not only these creative living concepts, but also upcoming infrastructure and mobility needs for integrating connected and autonomous vehicles.

Thumbnail photo credit: American Society of Civil Engineers.


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