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future cars and trucks in 2050 | top 9 | Amazing world
Tesla Cybertruck release date
The Cybertruck is scheduled to be released in late 2021 for the single-motor RWD version. The dual-motor all-wheel and the tri-motor versions will be released in late 2022.
video – https://youtu.be/J2U9Hmmpqhc

Mercedes-Benz launches Vision AVTR concept car – On Tuesday, the premium auto company launched its sustainable concept car Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. What was even more exciting was the presence of director James Cameron who did have vested interest at play. Tweeting about the collaboration, the excited film-maker introduced the world to the brand new concept car, inspired by Pandora and the 2009 sci-fi hit ‘Avatar’ with a selfie.
video – https://youtu.be/l5ZK0S8Q7JU

Bugatti T99 Street Jet Racing Car Concept
video – https://youtu.be/vMKTUy4VSYo

Bonkers Armortruck SUV Concept this future trucks off rode
video – https://youtu.be/DtQseM03UxA

Fun Vii Concept Car | Toyota The Toyota Fun-Vii is a car covered with a display both inside and out. A network connection lets it update software, or connect with other drivers for both safety and social networking.
video – https://youtu.be/ZOAC_sPCWME

audi aicon The automaker has opened bookings for the SUV on August 20, 2020, ahead of its market launch scheduled in mid-September.
video – https://youtu.be/69Rly_t08h8

bmw vision efficientdynamics The production version of the BMW i8 was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, and was released in Germany in June 2014.
video – https://youtu.be/U0ZXlk4y_4c

ELEVATE : Walking Car Concept Unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Hyundai’s Elevate concept is an electric car with robotic legs that can be extended to drive and be used for walking. The concept is designed to help emergency workers travel across harsh terrain in the event of a natural disaster
video – https://youtu.be/SZvQtlh6ueM

World’s first flying car about to go on sale in launch in 2099 and this is future cars concepts
video – https://youtu.be/JgeMJ1hX9KI

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future cars and trucks in 2050

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