Grand Train Prisoner Transport – Android Gameplay


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Grand Train Prisoner Transport – Android Gameplay

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About Game:
Take prisoners form one jail to another by using grand train prisoner transport.

Prison train game is become indispensable as other vehicles are proving very dangerous for jail prison transport due to high and sensitive security issues of train driving games. The game developers have brought out a train which is more secure than passenger train and handles all prisoner transport affairs of prison transport simulator with real ease. Make full use of this occasion to acquaint you with us police train and bring deep transport revolution in train transport. Present yourself as professional prisoner transporter by guiding and controlling the criminal train towards its destination in authoritative fashion.

Your role of train driver here needs some extraordinary cooperation from your side in this prison train simulator as there are many security threats on the way which can prove fatal. While controlling all the actions and thrills of euro train, make grand show of crazy train drive by bringing out your entire natural and innate train driving aptitudes.

This prisoner transport train excels the formal type of trains in many ways as it is with genuine backup of powerful engine which gives you ease ride for long hours. There is additional luxury of automated picking and dropping of prisoners in pick and drop train for players.
Be very true in your spirit as you have all sorts of required passenger transport luxuries under your command and controls which make your prisoner train driving career look easily doable. Try best to highlight all your powers in train army transport to write your name in transport legends as us police transporter. Load heavy train cargo to conceal your identity and take us army prisoner in safe mode to secure jail. Forget all about women prisoner train and police train truck and relish all smacks of train racing by enjoying all futuristic tangs of this newly designed and multi challenge city train driving.

Grand Train Prisoner Transport features:
• Ultramodern concept of prisoner transport.
• Grand train models for transportation.
• Original prisoner transport train adventure.
• Picking and dropping ease for prisoners.
• Availability of all kinds of transport luxuries.
• Crazy train driving 3d game with new controls.
• Best mode of transport for sensitive criminals.
• Fully effective four season train driving 2020.

Explore all hidden features of this train adventure and utilize modern police train to meet the intended purpose of this game in credible fashion.

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