Lion Electric To Offer ABB’s Charging Infrastructure


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ABB and Lion Electric join forces to sell and service electric vehicle charging equipment in North America, under Lion Electric’s new Lion Energy infrastructure specialty division.

The plan is to offer a complete charging equipment product lines, including AC wallboxes, DC fast chargers and Heavy Vehicle Chargers.

That should significantly simplify the purchase experience for Lion Electric’s customers, who can order electric buses or trucks together with a charging infrastructure in a single step. We saw similar combo offers also introduced by other EV manufacturers.

Another important point is that Lion Electric will be trained to undertake the servicing of ABB’s installed charging equipment.

“Lion Energy packages charging infrastructure design and review, project management, utility coordination and customized consultation to its customers, easing the complex process of charging station installation. Lion Energy ensures infrastructure installation is accomplished in tandem with the vehicle purchasing process, giving customers the capacity to meet the charging needs of current fleets and the ability to scale in the future.”

Lion electric school buses

Lion electric school buses

Lion Electric Lion6 all-electric truck

Lion Electric Lion6 all-electric truck

The Canadian EV manufacturer so far sold a few hundred electric buses and class 5 to class 8 trucks (including more than 300 school buses).

The latest orders are from the Canadian National Railway and Amazon for respectively up to 50 and 10 electric trucks.

ABB, on the other hand, is a global player, who so far deployed more than 14,000 electric vehicle DC fast chargers.

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