THIS AIR TAXI Will ALREADY Start Flying In 2021


by Kivi



Here is the current status of the air taxi or flying drone taxi industry. YOU WON’T BELIEVE how soon you will be able to take an AIR TAXI UBER!

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This video will quickly sum up the current status of the air taxi or passenger drone industry. It is really crazy how far these flying air taxi drones have come — in just a few years, every big city will probably have an active air taxi network with a lot of flying cars! Seeing the best passenger drones so far will blow your mind!

First, we will define what an air taxi or flying car is, after that we will present you with the best passenger drones and air taxis out on the market. Lastly, we will give you a short heads up for the possible timetable for the future. It is really hard to believe, but Paris will test its first air taxis already in summer 2021, and want to have the first prototypes of air taxi drones out working by 2024! We cannot wait to see how the interesting flying car industry will develop in the coming years!

THIS AIR TAXI Will ALREADY Start Flying In 2021

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