EUC, Segway, Electric Scooter, Kick Scooter, Hoverboards Store in Canada

Everyone loves hoverboards – and why not?! They’re fun, whimsical and are a great alternative to other types of personal transportation.
However, not all hoverboards are created equal. The reality is many are made with low quality materials and lack proper UL Certification.
These hoverboards are not fun – they’re harmful.
At Smart Wheel Canada, our hoverboards are made from the best materials and comes will all new UL2272 Certificate for electrical system, UL certified Batteries and Chargers.
Smart Wheel Canada sells, services, repairs, and offer warranties on all hoverboards. We stand behind our products because we know there is no substitute for quality.
In other words, you get the best hoverboards from a company committed to quality in personal transportation.
Experience mobility with Smart Wheel Canada by visiting our website today,


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