Inside Amazon's City Of The Future

Jeff Bezos, founder & ceo of Amazon is now planning on building out their own city! Well, kind of – you see, they’re technically making so many different Amazon products and services for their customers, that they’re intertwining themselves in to every aspect of your life! Even your sidewalks will have bluetooth soon!

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25 years ago, Jeff Bezos was hand-packing books on the floor of his Seattle garage. Today, he’s operating a global powerhouse worth more than $1.5 trillion. Tomorrow, Amazon is poised to be the framework of our entire civilization – in fact, we’re already halfway there.

From Alexa to self-flying drones, colossal fulfillment centres, and its very own airline, Amazon’s collection of high-tech innovation continues to grow. But as more and more money is funneled into the company, and as thousands more of us become reliant on its services every single day, before we know it, we’ll be living in cities completely run by Amazon.

Would we be better or worse off for the technological revolution? Let’s see what an Amazon-run world would look like, and then you can decide that for yourself.

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