Nissan LEAF Sales Cut In Half So Far In 2020


by Kivi



A quick look at the Nissan LEAF sales results in Japan reveals that once the top EV model is now stuck in a serious downfall.

September’s result of 1,082 units (#43 best model) was 52% worse than a year ago, while the nine-month tally is 8,629 (down 47% year-over-year).

It’s really bad, and the hope that it will ever rebound is thin, as the Nissan Ariya is expected to replace the LEAF in Japan next year.


The cumulative LEAF sales stand at 143,559. There is a possibility to reach 150,000 before the Ariya will come out in mid-2021.

Considering that the U.S. sales in Q3 decreased “only” 38.3% year-over-year, the Japanese market seems to be turning away from the LEAF quicker than anywhere else, despite it being a Japanese car.

In Europe, on the other hand, with all the competition, the drop YTD is more like 20% or so (maybe even less than that).

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