Timpanogos Harley-Davidson In Utah Gets DC Fast Charger


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One of the largest Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States, Timpanogos Harley-Davidson of Lindon, Utah, recently had installed a 50 kW Tritium RT50 fast charger, which should significantly improve the customer experience.

We guess that it’s not easy to build charging infrastructure for low-volume products, especially if most of the revenues come from selling conventional models.

In the case of Timpanogos, the charger was partially funded by the State of Utah’s Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Funding Assistance Program and incentives from Rocky Mountain Power.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire‘s 15.5 kWh battery can be recharged 0-80% in 40 minutes, while 0-100% takes 60 minutes. Range is about 95 miles (153 km).

5. Harley-Davidson LiveWire
2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Drew Mumford, the site manager at Timpanogos Harley-Davidson said:

“The partnership with Tritium and EV Structure delivered reduced set-up costs and provided a fast and easy installation process for the RT50 chargers. With charging beginning almost immediately, our customers and staff were able to utilize technology as a value added service for our dealership.”

Only time will tell how well the Harley-Davidson LiveWire will progress over the years, but electrification of an iconic motorcycle brand is one of the toughest challenges.

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