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Anurima Bagchi Ma’am is our honorable Educator in PCS Education.
She is taking classes in the following Batches
📌Join our NewOnlineBatch for WBCS (weekly 6 days video recorded class , pdf notes ,daily mock-weekly-monthly mock tests )

📌Join our MarathonMock for WBCS 2021 Prelims : (250 Mock Test Series , 11000+ MCQ )

📌Join Our Online crash course for ICDS Supervisor Mains ( Full video recorded class + pdf notes)

📌WBCS History Optional Batch

For further details call our office
CallNow: 8927053159

New Admission is opened .
For admission
Call Now 8927053159.
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For Demo Class visit our YouTube Channel
Click: https://www.youtube.com/c/WBCSAND

Join our Telegram Channel
Click :https://t.me/wbcs_and
This post is on behalf of Sathi Debnath, Owner PCS Education Pvt Lt .

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