City Airport Construction – Load Cranes, Forklifts, Excavators, Garbage Trucks – Android Gameplay


by Kivi



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Here you have a video of me playing ” City Airport Construction “. This will help you understand if this game is for you without downloading it.
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✅About This Game: Welcome to the new builder of buildings and construction of cities. Turn this super city into a dream megalopolis airport. Design virtual city as a real tycoon expert in city building games. Purchase real estate for the construction of airports. Build and build the real city of the airport of your dreams with this ultimate construction game and benefit from the unique city builder experience in building aerodromes near the city island. Download this amazing city builder builder for Android mobile phones and tablets from the free Google game store. Test your skills as a great airport builder in this virtual construction game. Build and manage the projects of futuristic metropolitan cities.

As a professional city construction game builder use the best construction cranes of the city airport to build one of the best transportation hubs for the new super dream city. As an airport simulator, build the infrastructure for this new airport construction game. Build new runways and hangers for cargo planes along with air traffic control towers. Load cranes, forklifts, excavators, pavers, garbage trucks and mega construction sand excavators in this free building game. This new super-city city builder allows you to build dream cities and passenger terminals with nearby towns or a megalopolis property. Enjoy rides with large vehicles such as port cranes, helicopters and aircraft. The super dream megalopolis city is expanding. Border walls and bridge construction are underway. Other projects of the city builders are in the finalization phase. This city needs a new airport, with an expansion of the airport. Demolish the old airport.

You need to build a dream airport in this virtual building city airport builder game. Prove yourself to be a megalopolis builder and an airport real estate manager. Maneuver heavy cranes to build aerodromes around the airport construction site. As a designer, designed, built, repaired and repaired damaged areas of the main airport of the airport. Compress the plans for the best aerodrome construction runway for landing and take-off for passenger aircraft and cargo planes. Operate heavy construction machinery such as road roller, garbage truck, bulldozer, excavator and sand excavator. Prove that you can handle the challenge of building a dream-building airport. Build super designer city next to this beautiful international airport.

City Builder Building Airport Building Games Features:

• Drive belts in the construction simulator.
• Enjoy high quality 3D graphics.
• Non-stop fun game.
• The latest airport building simulator.
• A wide range of driving missions.
• Addictive gameplay.


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