UL Certified Hoverboards


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You’ve probably heard about the latest hoverboards that have UL certification. Now a UL representative talks about the safety of hoverboards, and how you should look for UL Certified Hoverboards and the “UL 2272” certification labeled on any new hoverboards for sale.

Hoverboard Scooters features the new UL Certified Hoverboards and bear the official logo and label for these new self balancing scooters.

For those looking to buy UL Certified Hoverboards, please check here:


Featuring All “UL 2722 Hoverboards” from the Classic Style, right down to the latest limited edition boards like:


Also, the UL rep also talks about “safety accessories”, as the batteries may be certified by them, but you still need to take special care on protecting yourself with the right accessories here

So, make sure this year that you get on board with safety.


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