●TOP 5●Best Hoverboard To Buy On Amazon in 2018-2019


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Best Hoverboard To Buy On Amazon
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5. SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

4. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed LED Hoverboard for Kids and Adult Two-wheel Self-balancing Scooter

3. SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard – Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

2. Segway miniPRO | Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control

1. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board – UL2272 Certified, All-Terrain 8.5” Alloy Wheel

7 Fastest Hoverboards Available On Amazon

10 Best OFF Road Hoverboard: https://youtu.be/xWQmhEjN2hA

If you have mastered walking, running, and jumping, then why not take the next step to get from one pace to another — hovering! Hoverboards are trying hard to become the next generation solution to simmply walking.

We spent more than 35 hours in the field researching the hoverboard market, surveying customers, and talking to a certified hoverboard dealer with several years of experience in the space.

We also tested the top models by riding them on several different surfaces, taking them apart and inspecting their differences under the hood, and putting them through a series of tests to measure their handling and performance.


Because of the controversy regarding hoverboards catching on fire, our top priority was to get to the bottom of the safety issue.

It’s true that some hoverboards have posed a safety risk to consumers over the past few years. And for a while, retailers like Amazon stopped selling them because of the potential danger. But in 2016, the UL introduced a new voluntary safety standard (UL 2272) for hoverboards that addresses the risk. If you’re in the market for a hoverboard, we strongly suggest that you buy one that complies with UL 2272. All five of the products in our matrix, above, are compliant with UL 2272.

Handling, ease of use & stabilization

From the minute we powered on the devices, we noticed some major differences between the models in terms of the stabilization technology.

Some cheaper models have a feedback loop that causes the machine to vibrate and move around erratically.

This makes it much more difficult to get on and off the board, because as soon as you have one foot on the ground, the board can begin spinning uncontrollably.In this case, the best way to get on or off is to hold onto a stationary object such as a wall or chair.

Weight & design

The first thing you will notice as soon as you pick up your brand new hoverboard is the weight. These things are very heavy!

We were expecting them to weigh something like a normal scooter, but they actually weigh several times more — ranging from 15 to 26 pounds.

Most of the weight is concentrated in the lithium ion battery (located above the wheels on one or both sides of the board).
All of the models are nearly identical in terms of weight and design. Some of them are assembled abroad and others are made in the U.S. As such, the final products appear slightly different in terms of branding and polish.

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