Charged EVs | KEB introduces apps for its T6 Auxiliary Inverter


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KEB introduces apps for its T6 Auxiliary Inverter

KEB has released an Embedded App Pool for its T6 Auxiliary Inverter. KEB’s embedded applications are pre-programmed function blocks that give OEMs options such as motor torque/speed control and CAN J1939 communications. 

“KEB’s T6 Auxiliary Inverter has an embedded controller inside, which makes it easy to implement advanced control functionality, even when managing multiple motor axes,” said KEB Business Development Manager Tony Heiser.  “These KEB pre-engineered apps can save hundreds of engineering hours and shorten product development cycles.”

KEB’s app development environment also enables OEMs to develop their own proprietary applications. This allows them to create apps such as custom functions for motor start-up routines, low battery operation and special diagnostic and test procedures.  

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