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The refreshed Tesla Model 3 will make its way into owners’ driveways soon. This video out of Hong Kong gives us an in-depth look at the changes and features. 

The video shown above, shared by Drive Tesla Canada, comes from YouTube channel Driving UpCar (translated). It features a quirky Hong Kong couple checking out and talking about the refreshed Tesla in deep red metallic paint, with blacked-out exterior trim and double-pane window glass.

Reportedly, Tesla’s Gigafactory in China isn’t yet producing the refreshed electric sedan, but it has plans to upgrade soon. So what are all these changes that have been talked about?

The new 2021 Tesla Model 3 will feature a power trunk lid. It also closes with the push of a  button, just like the Model Y electric crossover. Arguably more important is the new weather stripping that is supposed to keep water from collecting in the trunk.

The Model 3 also gets the same door exit buttons as the Model Y. Some people had trouble figuring out how to open the door, so this should be an easier and safer option. The steering wheel gets classier metallic thumb scroll wheels, too. Sadly, Driving UpCar doesn’t confirm the potential heated steering wheel.

The hosts also show the additional USB port in the Model 3’s glovebox, which can be used for Sentry Mode. Tesla will also reportedly include a 64GB USB thumb drive as standard.

Finally, we get our first up-close look at the suede wireless charger, and, of course, the center console, which is no longer the finger-print-prone piano black. Let us know if you think they missed anything. In addition, if anyone takes delivery of the refreshed Model 3, let us know in the comment section below.

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