Tesla Model 3 Is Her ‘Soul Mate,’ Says European Car Reviewer


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Posted on EVANNEX on November 04, 2020 by Matt Pressman

In 2018, Luxembourg-based Bianca Hurduc decided to start a car blog, Arctic Swan, to provide auto news and reviews. But the site needed a twist. While her car reviews are offered in both English and French, she really wanted to feature “inspiring lady drivers with wanderlust… written by a woman for women.” It turns out that Bianca’s already gotten behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S and Model X. So what about the Model 3?  

“This was the third summer in a row I tested a Tesla and I must tell you I’m in love with this tradition,” Bianca writes about her most recent experience with the Model 3. “There is nothing like the experience of driving a Tesla… this makes you feel alive each time you are behind its steering wheel.”

So what’s it like to drive the Model 3? “I honestly don’t know how to best describe the driving experience [other] than by telling you that this car is somehow connected to the driver in a personalized and versatile way. It adapts to your wishes, just like a soul mate. No words needed. The Model 3 just knows what you need, when you need it,” she says.

That said, Bianca admits that the Model 3 is quite different from her experience with the Model S and X. “The most shocking thing for the driver is that the well-known speedometer and tachometer are gone, together with the screen that we are so used to seeing in front of the steering wheel,” she says.

“Where are the air vents? They are invisible! What an amazing work of art,” she sighs. In addition, “the all-glass roof extends from front to back, creating a sense of openness from every seat and a relaxed atmosphere for your trip.”


Source: Arctic Swan

So what’s her final takeaway after driving the Model 3? She concludes, “I honestly thought that testing a third Tesla wouldn’t be so exciting because I thought I already knew how awesome a Tesla is. But, the Model 3 managed to take my breath away through its many out-of-the-box, unique features. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it.”


Source: Arctic Swan

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