Ultium Cells Is Hiring, 1,100 New Jobs Available


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GM’s Ultium Cells LLC (joint venture with LG Chem) is seeking 1,100 team members that would like to work at the new plant (currently under construction) in Lordstown, Ohio.

This new facility will produce up to 30 GWh of lithium-ion cells annually, for the latest electric vehicles from GM, including GMC Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq and Cruise Origin.

“Starting today, job seekers can apply for positions on the Ultium Cells LLC website. The plant will begin actively hiring for key positions to execute the set up and launch of battery cell manufacturing. Additional job openings will be posted to the website as they become available.”

The company also shared new photos from the site and a new visualization of the plant:

Ultium Cells LLC Battery Plant in Lordstown, Ohio - Rendering
Ultium Cells LLC Battery Plant in Lordstown, Ohio
Ultium Cells LLC Battery Plant in Lordstown, Ohio

According to the press release, Ultium Cells will bring battery cell costs below $100/kWh and minimize the use of cobalt (the use of nickel on the other hand will be one of the highest).

Ultium Cells LLC in brief:

  • General Motors and LG Chem joint venture (50/50)
  • manufacturing of lithium-ion cell for electric vehicles
  • $2.3 billion investment and more than 1,100 new jobs
  • plant located in Lordstown, Ohio
  • nearly 3 million-square-foot
  • target manufacturing capacity of 30 GWh annually (with an option for further expansion)
  • groundbreaking in May 2020
  • production might start from 2022

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