10 Futuristic Clothes You'll Want To Wear


by Kivi



Do you often find yourself wondering what the future will look like?  What type of food we will eat, what cars we’ll drive, and, of course,  what clothes we’ll wear? In today’s episode of TechJoint, we’ve decided to scratch at least one  of those itches by putting together 10 of the most high-tech pieces of  clothing that will revolutionise the way we dress. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we

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10 Futuristic Clothes You’ll Want To Wear [Links]

10. Zeroi – https://bit.ly/2zSOeD5
9. ThreadSmiths Liquid Proof Clothes – https://bit.ly/3kW2z4C
8. Football Fan Shirt – https://bit.ly/3oO7RBo
7. EP 01 Sneakers – https://bit.ly/2HQ0Wao
6. Polar Seal Heated Tops – https://bit.ly/2JoRxqs
5. Hexoskin – https://bit.ly/3oODrPn
4. Orii – https://bit.ly/3kTenEC
3. Rocket Skates – https://geni.us/08ZXWW
2. NE-1 Helmet – https://bit.ly/2TRCnvK
1. Jungle – https://geni.us/kUUQnh

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