Pre-Order The Alpha Level 2 EV Smart Charger, Receive $200 In Savings


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Our friends at United Chargers have unveiled their newest product: the Alpha Level 2 smart charger. It’s a huge leap forward in home EV charging technology, and like some of the EVs it will be charging, this charger constantly improves thanks to new features unlocked by regular over-the-air (OTA) updates. 

Let’s begin with its specs. The Alpha is built by the same people who make the Grizzl-E line of home EV chargers, so you know its internals are stout. It offers up to 10kW/40-amps of continuous output, but its output level can be matched to your home’s circuit. It offers 16-amp, 24-amp, 32-amp, and 40-amp output levels, which can be chosen manually by physically setting an internal dip switch, or wirelessly via an app on your phone. The former ensures your setup is safe and up to code, while the latter offers you greater convenience with an easier setup. 

Pre-order the Alpha now and receive $200 in savings!

The Alpha comes with a 25-foot-long premium charge cord and is certified for both indoor and outdoor use. Those with some electrical experience or a certified electrician will have no trouble installing the Alpha, and United Chargers doesn’t believe in forcing its customers to pay a monthly fee just for using its products. 

Now let’s talk software. The Alpha features a vibrant 7-inch color touchscreen that displays a convenient and intuitive interface. Its operating system supports multiple languages and is your gateway to everything this charger can do. It comes loaded with apps, but thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, the Alpha is able to receive regular OTA updates that introduce and unlock new features, just like a Tesla! United Chargers says new apps and features will be released monthly, and the Alpha’s open platform also allows third-party apps and eventually an App Store. 

Also like a Tesla, the Alpha comes with lots of features that ensure it remains future-proof for years to come. In addition to Wi-Fi, the Alpha comes with Bluetooth connectivity, an HD camera, HD sound output, a built-in microphone, an SD card slot for extended storage options, temperature and moisture sensors, and a USB port for data transfers and future peripherals. 

What’s all that good for? The temperature sensor can detect a fire in your garage and alert you. The camera allows you to check up on your EV from anywhere in the world. HD sound lets you talk through the Alpha to someone near your car, and the mic allows them to talk to you. And then there are all of the uses not yet dreamt of, but will come to pass once clever developers get their hands on the Alpha. 

How do you get the Alpha? United Chargers is now accepting pre-orders for units that will be delivered in February 2021. The Alpha’s typical MSRP will be $699 USD, but those who pre-order will get $100 off MSRP and receive a certificate for $100 off purchases from United Chargers’ website. PLUS, if you pre-order the Alpha before December 15th, you may be selected as one of 50 beta testers and receive your charger before New Years. Click here to pre-order and you’ll be automatically entered.

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