User Review: Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard Scooter


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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FDFGRT1?tag=yogafit0d-20 – Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard Scooter

Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard Scooter


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We purchased this hoverboard for our 7 year old son and have had it about 3 weeks. We considered a cheaper option but decided to go with a better brand despite the higher cost.
This hoverboard has worked out great: it charges well, lights up and beeps, and maneuvers great. My only frustration is how the finish has worn away with use.
Part of the finish around the wheels has worn away and revealed a pink color on one side which is a bit frustrating when we intentionally bought the grey chrome color.
Okay, I will make some admissions here: Ive never ridden one of these things before and Im in my late 40s… So Im probably not the ideal demographic for this.
However, I have skateboarded, surfed, and snowboarded for most of my life, so I can balance fairly well. I will tell you, getting on this thing for the first time wasnt easy for me.
I thought I was going to wipe out a couple times. But like the instructions say, it starts to feel intuitive once youre on it for a few minutes. Once fully charged (which took about 3-4 hours) this thing has plenty of power to be entertaining.
But I would agree that everyone should wear a helmet with this and practice on very flat pavement. This thing also has bright disco lights and a built in Bluetooth speaker, which may or may not be a plus for everyone.
This thing is fun, but be super careful. Im looking at buying a Hoverboard Go Kart Conversion Kit so that my small kids can enjoy this toy without having to stand up and balance.
I finally got my daughters a hoverboard I wasn’t sure if it was easy to learn but it really took them no time maybe thirty minutes to ride they are always on them I’m so glad this one has a long lasting battery life and the Bluetooth Connects very quickly but you have to stay close to your device or it cuts off sounds Glitchy I would expect it to have a little longer range, that’s why I give four star!
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Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard Scooter


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