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Autonomous City Car Available in Future

The time of autonomous vehicles is coming. The autonomous city car is one of the first ones that will be available for the public. We are still in the development of the legislation and infrastructure for autonomous vehicles. Many trials are being done to find new answers for huge success in this field.

The new ways to access transportation are emerging and subscription services along with shared mobility models for private customers will be the cars of the future. The fleet operators are more likely to purchase these autonomous vehicles. These vehicles are tested for a variety of situations all around the world.

The Autonomous vehicle will be able to change the cities after the car becomes available. These cars can change the future of transportation. The real way in which the cities will change is the way public transportation will evolve and blend with a mixed mobility ecosystem. This process will less vehicle congestion in the living spaces and the more advance shared systems, the freeing up of parking spaces, and also more trees.

This autonomous driving vehicle would become a game-changer in the market as the number of accidents will go down drastically. Can you imagine a world where all the vehicles are driven by artificial intelligence and there will not be any speeding by anyone? Roadkill will be a story of history. Anybody who likes to ride fast won’t be able to do that which will save their lives and other peoples too. You could even work while traveling!

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Roman Dolzhenko – https://www.behance.net/RomanDolzhenko

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