Taking Tesla’s ‘Secret’ Model 3 On A Tour Of California


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Our friend, Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Andy Slye just returned from an epic road-trip experience. Slye and his wife flew out to California to partake in an amazing five-day electric car driving tour. However, they had to leave their Tesla at home. No worries though, they just rented a Tesla Model 3 through Turo.

First, a little background. You may remember we were advertising an exclusive Tesla and EV road-trip tour hosted by Canossa Events and Travel Paso. Sadly, it was nearly canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention concerns about wildfires in California. Fortunately, Slye and his wife were able to follow through with the life-changing event, where they got to drive the California coast, visit wineries, and enjoy premium accommodations and dining. The only hitch was they didn’t end up driving a “premium” Tesla.

Slye explains that when he rented the Tesla Model 3 from Turo, he was unaware that it was the “secret” off-menu $35,000 base Model 3 Standard Range. Some people continue to insist that this car never existed and still doesn’t. However, as we’ve reported multiple times in the past, it does exist, it’s just not so easy to get it.

You have to make a special request to get a Model 3 Standard Range from Tesla. Slye describes it as pretty “barebones.” It doesn’t have Tesla Autopilot or Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. Surely, this isn’t what Slye hoped for, especially on a driving tour. However, perhaps it was fate. Shouldn’t people have to experience actual “driving” while on a driving tour?

It all worked out well in the end. Slye has actually wanted to check out the cheapest Model 3, and what better way to do so than to take it on an incredible 1,000-mile journey? While the video provides us with Slye’s impressions of the Model 3, it also has information about the Canossa tour, as well as gorgeous footage from the road trip.

Check it all out, take it all in, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Once COVID-19 is behind us, perhaps our travel partner will offer another similar tour so more people are able to participate.

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