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Some Can Improve Fuel Economy; Some Can Hurt

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Car modifications are a mystery to many car owners. Most people don’t bother changing anything with their car as it’s generally just a vehicle to carry them from point A to B. They go with the idea that if it works, there’s no reason to change it. That’s a respectable point of view, especially considering how much certain car modifications can cost. However, it’s never a bad idea to see what kind of modifications are available.

Ford Explorer; https://unsplash.com/photos/a4S6KUuLeoM (CC0)
Different cars invite different modifications

For instance, you might want to add a car modification that adds a bit more security and safety to your vehicle, or you might want to add cosmetic improvements to fix damage to your car. There are a number of helpful car modifications like this and we highly recommend doing a bit of research to see what you can do to your vehicle.

But are modifications worth the money, or are they just a luxury to have? In this post, we’ll be discussing some car modification options and if they’re a good value or not.

Is It Like in the Movies or TV?

When people think about car modifications they often think about films that depict fancy flashy cars with spoilers and neon underneath the body. While these are technically modifications, they’re not the same as what most people would install on their cars.

A modification is, by definition, any kind of upgrade or change that is added to your vehicle. This could mean the aforementioned bodywork modifications, but it can also include something like new seats, an upgraded entertainment system or additional storage. Cars are versatile and customizable vehicles, making them perfect for general modifications regardless of their purpose.

While it’s true that modifications can be similar to what you’ve seen on TV, it’s a good idea to remember that modifications don’t need to be flashy. They can be purely functional instead of being cosmetic.

Don’t Cars Come the Way They’re Intended to be Driven?

Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean that modifications are completely useless or pointless.

In fact, there are many situations where a car modification can actually add value to a vehicle, make it safer and also improve the overall driving experience. We’ll be going through some of these modifications below, but it’s worth keeping in mind that just because your car was fairly expensive, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved!

modified Ford Mustang; https://unsplash.com/photos/VtfiPvSGh5s (CC0)
Some cars seem to beg for upgrades

Car modifications can also include tuning upgrades. Certain vehicles have highly customizable components that allow you to change the way the car works. For example, you could help improve the fuel economy of certain vehicles by making changes like changing the spark timing. There are plenty of other modifications that can provide useful features, so it’s a good idea to speak to your local mechanic about your vehicle and what your goals are.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that modifications won’t make an inexpensive car just as good as a more expensive one. However, it can improve the overall performance and functionality of a vehicle if you’re willing to invest a bit of time and money into it.

Work with a Trusted Local Mechanic

Most modifications are safe to perform, but there are some that should only be carried out by a trusted local mechanic with a strong reputation or a partnered garage. If something goes wrong with these modifications, you can at least rely on them to help you fix things. It’ll also give you more peace of mind working with someone who is experienced in car modifications.

Make sure you let them know what your intentions are with your car modifications. Let them know that you want to add a specific feature or tune your vehicle. They’ll let you know what options are available for your particular vehicle and they’ll give you a fairly accurate quote of how much it’ll cost. Looking for multiple quotes is never a bad idea, but you’ll want to stick to the same mechanic if possible.

Car Modifications You Should Try

So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the car modifications that are almost certainly worth your money.

New Seats

Swapping out your seats is a fantastic idea if you’re looking for more support for your body. This often improves the performance of your vehicle because you’ll have an easier time steering and handling the pedals. You could also modify the passenger seats to make it a more comfortable experience for everyone in your vehicle.

Upgraded Sway Bar

A sway bar, or anti-roll bar, is designed to keep your car level when you turn. This helps to prevent it from leaning and potentially tipping over. However, most sway bars can be adjusted to ensure that your vehicle actually remains level at all times when turning. This can offer more comfort while driving and will also improve your safety.

Cold Air Intake Kits

The temperature in your engine can also improve your vehicle’s efficiency. Cold air is denser than warm air, meaning it contains a lot more oxygen. A cold air intake kit helps by pulling more cold air into your engine, providing it with more oxygen. This can result in better mileage, improved acceleration and also added horsepower.

This is a fantastic modification regardless of your vehicle and is well worth the investment. However, it can produce a loud growl in your engine that some people might not enjoy, but this can actually be a positive for people who want their car to sound different.

Car Mods You Should Be Wary Of

There are some modifications that you might be drawn to because they’re talked about often or suggested by others. However, they might not be a great idea if you’re looking to improve the overall performance of your vehicle.

Large Wheels

In most cases, new wheels don’t really count as a modification. However, there are certain modifications that can change the width of your wheels or even the size of your tires. These are commonly seen on large vehicles such as SUVs. These changes can improve the appearance of your vehicle, but it’s ultimately highly subjective and depends on your tastes.

The reason we wouldn’t recommend this is because it can have an impact on the performance of your car. In fact, wider wheels can actually stress out the engine and suspension of your vehicle. They can even make turning your vehicle a little more difficult depending on the car itself. They will also affect your fuel economy.

Instead of wider wheels, we suggest changing up your current wheels to something a little different. For example, new mag wheels can look fantastic if you’re after a unique appearance–and they don’t negatively affect your driving experience. Mag wheels can be a fantastic modification, and it’s typically something you can do at home as well.

Large Spoilers

Also known as wings, these large spoilers are typically found on sports cars to make them more aerodynamic by producing downforce when the car is at speed. That’s kind of the key aspect to remember here; it only affects performance when the car is going very fast. If you put a large spoiler on a regular car, it doesn’t really accomplish much.

Getting a large spoiler for your vehicle can make it look a little more sporty and interesting, but it does nothing for the overall performance of the vehicle. Get this modification only if you’re looking to change the appearance of your vehicle!

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