Duke Nukem Forever PC Demo Easter Eggs #2 [1080p]


by Kivi



Easter Eggs #2! How to enable console in demo! Does not work in full version.

Cheats from Unreal Engine games. Slow motion. Freezing time. Summoning monsters. Nuclear bomb. Jetpack. Steroids. Beer. Holoduke. 3rd view. Console commands. God mode. Fly mode. More stuff!

How to enable console (demo):
1. Set the game to window-mode
2. Quit the game and start it with -log
3. Type this to gray console: set dnwindow.dukeconsole consolekey 192 (press enter then)
4. Quit the game, remove -log, start the game and put it back to fullscreen if you like
5. When you press ~, console opens
6. Then type there similar commands like in Unreal Engine games (google “Unreal cheats”) or watch my video how I type them

NOTE: Summoning big monsters may need ghost-mode (noclip)!

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