How To Start A Blog And Make Money 2016

If you are looking to start a blog and make money, but have no idea where to start, then this tutorial is for you. I will walk you through step by step without skipping any steps.

You will learn how to create your WordPress blog using the popular free Hueman theme. You will be able to build a blog that makes money in a matter of a few hours. Simply follow the tutorial with two tabs open in your browser, one with the tutorial playing and the second with the blog you are creating. Pause the video and repeat my actions to complete each step.

Everybody dreams of making money online while they sleep. I have been doing this for years and will help you get started by showing you two of the easiest ways to make an online income using Google Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate Program. Watch for my helpful money making do’s and don’ts near the end of the video.

Not only will you learn how to build a blog, I will also teach you where to get free photos, how to design graphics online for free, and set up your social media links. I will also teach you how to add a video and image gallery and show you how to add a privacy policy and disclaimer page; two important and required pages when making money blogging while using Adsense and Amazon.

My tutorials are aimed towards beginners. I talk at a comfortable pace and leave out the nerd speak. I remember what it was like when I first started, this video will give you the confidence to get started and make your first blog. I am available for questions in the comments section below should you get stuck. If you found this video helpful, I would appreciate it if you like and share it.



0:00:00 Introduction. How to start a blog and earn with Adsense and Amazon
0:04:39 Go to to start the 3 step process
Register your blog domain, Sign up for Hosting, Set up WordPress
0:16:52 WordPress Admin Login
0:17:56 WordPress dashboard introduction
0:20:45 Add Hueman Theme
0:23:19 Add recommended plugins
0:24:46 Install Child Themify plugin
0:27:48 Settings
0:28:24 Set permalinks
0:29:41 Remove unnecessary plugins
0:30:50 Remove demo post and page
0:31:31 Create your pages by adding titles
0:33:16 Create your menus and add custom Home page link
0:38:57 Select one sidebar layout
0:40:16 Set website width
0:41:40 Change header Color
0:43:20 Set background Color to white
0:44:30 Extend header to full width. Turn off boxed layout
0:45:20 Turn on header ads
0:46:00 Add social following icons
0:51:10 Create your first post
0:52:27 free images
0:54:35 Add your first picture
0:56:19 Set feature image
0:58:20 Adding a category
0:58:43 Adding a tag
1:01:04 Create a video post
1:06:10 Use to create a blog post title slide
1:14:50 Add an Amazon clickable image to your blog post
1:20:00 The WordPress text editor
1:27:45 Remove meta data in sidebar
1:29:00 Add text editor and alx tabs widgets
1:31:00 Google Adsense
1:32:00 Adding Adsense code
1:34:00 Add Sumome Social Share plugin
1:37:49 Create contact form
1:40:49 Create an about page
1:41:20 Create another blog image with
1:45:30 Add image gallery
1:47:33 Create a disclaimer page
1:51:12 Create a privacy policy page at
1:54:30 Reduce image file size with WP Smush plugin
1:56:30 Bonus section on making money with a blog


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