How to Start a travel blog and make money

In this video I’ll run step by step through how to start a travel blog and make money. First, watch the video and follow the Quick 3-Step Setup Guide on our website ( and you can have your basic travel blog up and running in just a few hours.

The quick 3 steps:

1. Get your hosting / domain & Install WordPress: (instructions in video on the best options to choose when getting hosting)
More info on why we have been using Blueshost for so long is at

2. Start a travel blog that looks professional, with themes ( and landing pages from Optimizepress (

3. Make your travel blog more functional, with plugins.

Wordfence Security:

Updraft Backup & Restore:

Many more plugin suggestions at

How to Start a Travel Blog And Make Money:

But, if you want that travel blog to make money, that takes more work. Sorry to burst the bubble – trying to start a travel blog to make money takes a lot more time and effort.

So, after the quick setup guide that will show you how to create a travel blog online, I’ll run through in this video, the 8 advanced steps that you need to think about to make an impact, and earn an income from your travel blog.

To get a more in depth understanding of how to start a travel blog and make money, read the full article:


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