Charged EVs | New software provides data on e-bus battery performance

New software provides data on e-bus battery performance

Battery analytics software company TWAICE has joined forces with ViriCiti, a telematics provider for electric bus fleets, in order to enable OEMs and fleet operators to optimize the management of their e-bus batteries and increase their residual value.

“We are very excited to offer our customers the new battery health add-on powered by TWAICE’s battery expertise. We were impressed with the in-depth insights into the battery health and remaining useful lifetime, and we think our customers will be too,” commented ViriCiti CEO Freek Dielissen.

The TWAICE predictive analytics software will be available as a battery health add-on module to approximately 3,000 electric buses connected to ViriCiti’s platform. The software is designed to provide insights into e-bus battery performance and capacity in the form of a battery health report.

“By combining leading fleet management and state-of-the-art battery analytics software, we will create superior value for our joint customers,” said TWAICE co-founder Stephan Rohr.

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