Metro Anarchy#9: Cities Skylines Bus Experiment

The Bad City seems like an excellent place to take on the Metro Anarchist’s nemesis in Cities Skylines – bus lines. We undertake to build a vanilla bus network that doesn’t have huge pile-ups of Cims at bus stops while also not undermining the existing metro station.

Results are mixed but stick around to the end of the video to find out what worked, what didn’t and what to expect for the next attempt at creating Bad City Bus Lines!


Contact info:

twitter: @metroanarchist
instagram: @metroanarchist


Would you like your city to be featured in an upcoming episode? Follow the directions below:

1. From the Cities:Skylines in-game main menu, select “Content Manager”
2. On the left side, under “Categories”, select “SAVEGAMES”
3. Locate your save game on the right side, then click on the “SHARE” button beneath it
4. Enter a title and description, then click “PUBLISH”
5. After the game is published to the workshop, it will open in a new browser window.
6. At the top of the browser window, highlight the entire url for your save game, right click, and select “Copy”. The url will look something like this:
7. Paste the url in an email and send it to or on Twitter @metroanarchist


Asset Lists:

DanDeKalb’s Scania Citywide Bus Assets:


Music credits:

Artist: mr snatches
Title: sadboys (extremely hurried mix)

Artist: Dan Henig
Title: Subway Dreams



00:00 – Start
00:12 – Introduction
01:16 – Like & Subscribe
01:42 – Vanilla Bus Lines
06:15 – Real Time Bus Line
11:07 – Timelapse Bus Lines
12:18 – Bus Line Review
14:21 – Bus Depot Mania
14:44 – Results
16:07 – Wrap Up


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