What is a squeeze page & how to create one in under 6 minutes?

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What is a squeeze page & how do you create one in under 6 minutes?

A squeeze page is also known as a landing page or lead capture page. the sole purpose of this kind of page is to collect a visitors name & email address before they leave. The reason for doing this is because the vast majority of people will not buy something the very first time they visit a website. Also the vast majority of people will come back to your website for a second time. If you spend money on traffic to get visitors to your website, then you may as well be flushing money down the toilet. Because most of the people you spend money on to send them to your site will leave, never to be seen or heard from again.

So this is where creating a squeeze page comes in. You create a page which designed to do nothing else but collect their data. They don’t shop, they don’t browse, you give them two options only… to leave their data or to leave your site.

Now people do not just give away their details on a whim. You have to make a compelling offer to them in order for them to leave their details. The best way to do this is to offer a high value gift which can be given away at low cost. Information is the best way to do this because information is valuable but can be given away for free. If you can provide your visitors with some helpful information that will benefit them or improve their life in some way then you can use this as your “Lead magnet”

A lead magnet is the name for your free gift which you will give away in exchange for their email address. Examples include a report, audio, video, email series, newsletter, consultation, software, membership or even a trial or discounted offer of some kind.

Once you have their email address, you send them the free gift that you promised. Then you continue to provide value & nurture them by communicating with them via email. After they get to know, like & trust you there is a chance that they will buy from you & become a loyal customer after that.

So this is all well and good but what if you don’t know how to create a squeeze page? I am not technical myself, I know nothing about html or building websites yet I can create a landing page whenever I like & as demonstrated in the video, I can do it in under 6 minutes!

The software that enables me to do this optimize press. You can get it here… http://budurl.com/jboptimizepress It is a wordpress theme. So you need to have a wordpress site & upload the theme to it.

Optimize press gives you not only the ability to make landing pages but also memberships sites, sales pages, blogs, launch pages & more. It comes with so many cool features it would be impossible to describe them all here. Suffice to say it’s terrific value for money. You can customise your pages to your exact requirements.

When creating a squeeze page you need a few key ingredients. A headline, a web form which is above the fold & either a video or some web copy which clearly describes your lead magnet & the compelling reasons to take you up on your kind offer.

Some additional features include sub headlines, social media sharing buttons, a disclaimer & a photo of the lead magnet. Optimize press makes it simple to include any of these things on your squeeze page.

No matter what level of expertise or experience you have optimize press will make the process of creating lead capture pages drag & drop simple.



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