Installing GEMPAK on Ubuntu 14.04

This video contains a comprehensive guide on install GEMPAK on Ubuntu 14.04 linux distro. Below are links and a follow along guide for installing GEMPAK on Ubuntu. Thanks for checking this guide out and I hope this was useful video for you. Check out my website too for other cool GEMPAK stuff.

UPDATE APRIL 2014: Gempak 6.10 and 7-4 work on 14.04 LTS with the instructions below. Beware that the latest version of GCC (4.9) has had some compatibility issues with some libraries, this may be an issue in rare occurrences. Use GCC 4.8 if persistent issues occur.

Official Installation Guide:
Link to download:

Step 1: Make sure your Ubuntu Software is up to date. (1:30)
Step 2: Download Software (See Link Above) (1:43)
Step 3: Creating Gempak Folder (3:11)/Untar Tar File (4:11)

Command: tar -xvzf gempak-6.10-2.tar.gz

Step 4: Creating symbolic link (5:13)

Command: ln -s GEMPAK6.10/ NAWIPS

Step 5: Installing Software Libraries (5:55)

Command: sudo apt-get install gcc build-essential gfortran libX11-dev libXt-dev libXext-dev libXp-dev libXft-dev libXtst-dev xorg xbitmaps flex byacc libmotif3 libmotif-dev

Step 6: Editing Gemenviron/Gemenviron.profile (8:08)
Step 7: Sourcing Environmental Variables (10:09)
Step 8: Restart Computer (13:20)
Step 9.a: Compile Source Code the first time (13:43)
Step 9.b: Checking for compiling errors (16:56)
Step 10.a: Cleaning up for final installation (19:05)
Step 10.b: Final Installation (19:24)


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