BTTF NAC Presentation 05 – "Conceptual Understanding Of Sustainability"

Presentation #5 for Student competition for regional town planning in 21st century – “Back to the future – North Arm Cove”

Presenter: Prof. SARA WILKINSON

Professor Sara Wilkinson is a chartered building surveyor and Australia’s first female Professor of Property. Her trans-disciplinary research program sits at the intersection of sustainability, urban development and transformation, with a focus on green cities and preparing our urban environments for the challenges of climate change.

Sara works with academic and industry partners in engineering, science, health and business.Her research has been funded by OEH NSW, RICS, ARENA, HIA, Kamprad Family Foundation, City of Melbourne and City of Sydney. Recent work includes a project that uses virtual reality to assess customers’ willingness to pay for green infrastructure in a residential housing development.


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