Delta 8 Dab Pen Hoverboard Sesh🟢

In Conclusion delta 8 can get you smacked.

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Cleo Effect:

Business mail 📥~

Q:What camera do you use?
A:It changes depending on the video but this was filmed on my iPhone 11📱
Q:Where am I?

Q:Can you get high off of delta 8?

Q:What’s my favorite way to smoke?
A:out a joint paper with a filter in it🤙

Q:How many subscribers do you have?
A:I have 8.2K misfit stoners🍃

Q:Can we smoke together?
A:yeah I’m down, if you are ever in Maryland HMU on one my socials👀

Q:What’s your socials bro?
A:Instagram @stonertelevision369 & Snapchat @jordancleo1 🌠

Q:Anything we should know?
A:I’m always going to be creating and making videos and evolving as I go!🦋

Q:Who are you?
A:Jordan Cleo 💫


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