Top 10 Most Unusual Cars in the World

10 most unusual cars in the world

Have you ever seen an odd looking car on the road? Or perhaps you are the owner of a more
unique type of car than the usual basic ones we see? Whatever it is spotting unusual cars
driving by can spark nostalgia or even pique ones curiosity. Join us as today we will be taking
a look at the 10 most unusual cars in the world.
10) Streamline cars R-100
Sir Dennistoun Burney wanted to adapt his experience in aviation to automobiles. His intention
was to mimic the aerodynamic design of airships onto car bodies. However, he never intended
to start a car production company, he just wanted to design the streamlined car bodies. But
nevertheless Streamline Cars Ltd was founded. He took many design elements of planes like
flexible cables, independent suspension of all four wheels and hydraulic breaks, and applied
them to his cars. But most of all he wanted a streamlined car body. Compared to the standard
cars back this vehicle was revolutionary. The aerodynamic design had no protruding parts.
Both headlights were beautifully integrated into the car body. Due to the fact that he planned
the front design as flat and aerodynamically as possible a front-engine-design was not
possible. The engine was placed in the rear of the car. Only 25 copies of the car were
produced until the production came to a screeching halt.
9) 1936 Stout Scarab
Before other name brand minivans began dominating the minivan market, there was the Stout
Scarab. First created in the 1930s, believe it or not, it is considered as the first minivan in the
world. Designer William Stout, who had a background in aircraft engineering, excelled at
combining luxury and leisure into transportation, and the Scarab is just an example of that.
Think of it as a diner on wheels, it was not a very big car but despite that it was fitted with a V8
engine to boot. Sadly the brand wasn't a success because of the price tag. Few people were
willing to pay for the innovation, it cost $5,000 back then to own, which is around $90,000
today and cost even more than the luxurious Chrysler Imperials of that age. Only 9 examples
of this minivan were built and only 5 still exist at present day.
8) General motors’ Firebird
General Motors built quite a few weird and wonderful cars just to show what they were capable
of in terms of method and creativity, in other words the Firebirds. These were inspired by the
designs of fighter aircrafts. One thing is for sure, they sure deserve an award for coming up
with such a cool name, but these cars owe more to their design to jet planes than to birds.
They were sleek and streamlined and four Firebirds were designed and built over the years.
Some of their more unusual features were their bubble topped canopies, the tail fins and short
wings, and the steering being controlled by a joystick positioned between the two seats. This
was supposed to give the car a futuristic feel and instill the experience of flying a plane. The
cars were powered by the same big gas turbine engines which also powered fighter jets. As a
result they were very unstable due to the high power so it was difficult to test them.

7) Peel P50
The Peel P50 is a world record breaker. It was even listed in the 2010 Guinness Book of World
Records as the smallest car ever made. This three-wheeled micro car was originally made by
the Peel Engineering Company for only three years. It was advertised as being the perfect size
to fit one adult and one shopping bag. No room for anyone else in this tiny car! It only has one
door, which is on the left-hand side, and one headlight. Going backwards in the Peel P50 was
not an easy option as the car had no reverse gear and needed to be maneuvered backwards
physically using a handle at the car’s rear. Only 50 of these odd little cars were ever made and
only 27 are still known to be in existence.
6) Ferrari 512S Modulo
At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Ferrari 512S Modulo looks more like
a spaceship than a car. This was a car developed to go as fast as possible and so has quite
an unusual design to make it that way. It comes with an extremely low, wedge-shaped body,
less than a metre high, in order to be as aerodynamic as possible and also has a canopy-style
glass roof which slides forward to allow the driver to enter the cabin of the car.


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