Farmers protest in Chandigarh sector 17😱!! Farmers reaction on hoverboard 🤩

Here I represent you my vlog in this vlog i have showed you that how people reacts to me while i was riding hoverboard and the farmers protest in Chandigarh sector 17

In this video protest

2.kisan andolan

3.people reaction on me while riding hoverboard reaction on hoverboard protest in Chandigarh sector 17

6.kisan andolan in Chandigarh protest in Chandigarh

8.hoverboard review

9.hoverboard in public


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My hoverboard specks

MegaTron AutoBot
A) This is the latest hoverboard launched in 2020 with Auto self balancing technology. Made in India, comes with one year warranty, lifetime free servicing with exchange and upgrades.
B) As soon as you turn it on it turns, revolves and automatically straighten out itself. It balances itself automatically.
C) It’s hybrid model, the kinetic energy generated during braking get’s transferred into batteries and recharges the batteries a bit.
D) It has two super powered Motors with 400 watts power each which means total power of 800 watts making it the most powerful Hoverboard.
D) It has color changing (Red, Green, Blue) lights on both wheel.
E) It has front led head lights
F) It has latest Bluetooth
G) it had stereo speaker to listen to music.
H) Being latest it is more efficient than the previous models.
I) The look and the shape of the Hoverboard is totally unique. It is the super sports model.
J) The internal chassis is made of super strong lightweight alloy metal making it rustproof, light and strong.
K) It has pickup hand on it, to easy lift the hoverboard
L) It comes with specifically designated remote to turn it on and to turn it off. (Optional at Rs 1500)
M) It has all the safety features built in like charging auto cut and device auto shut off and battery management system.
N) All terrain – road, grads, park, pavement, interlocking tiles, marble, wood, glass, uphill – downhill 15 degrees.
O) Max Speed 23 Kmph
P) Anyone after the age of 4 years to the weight of 110 kgs can ride it.
Q) As it is our super sports model, it comes in a limited edition Hoverbord shaped briefcase to handle it more easily and make it travel with you on all yours trips. (Optional at Rs 4900/-)
R) Come with height adjustable telescopic handle (Optional at Rs 4500/-)

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