5 futuristic bike accessories that take advantage of your smartphone's power

Biking is an exceptionally great option for exercise and transportation! A smartphone can add a lot to the enjoyable experience with its ability to handle essential tasks like communication, navigation, and music playback, among many other great things. So check out these five examples of cutting-edge smartphone and biking technologies colliding into an impressive variety of accessories that are sure to please any bike enthusiast.

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01. Graava
Official website: https://goo.gl/AaknsK
Price: $250

02. Bonx
Official website: https://goo.gl/3FeqrT
Price: $140

03. NYNE Multimedia Inc Cruiser
Official website: http://goo.gl/wHxo84
Price: $33

04. FlyKly Smart Wheel
Official website: http://goo.gl/N0gvEm
Price: $999

05. Haize
Official website: https://goo.gl/jk4UMf
Price: $99

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