Webinar – Enhancing Passenger Confidence using Sustainable Disinfection Solutions by DoTM, SoB, UPES

“Enhancing Passenger Confidence using Sustainable Disinfection Solutions”

Organized by
Supported by- Team UDAAN

Under the leadership of-
Dr.Githa Heggde
Dean, School of Business, UPES

And guidance of-
Dr.Neeraj Anand
Head, Department of Transportation Management

Brief Introduction- The Department of Transportation Management, UPES in partnership with Aerotech Support Services Pvt Ltd. has organized a webinar on ‘Enhancing Passenger Confidence using Sustainable Disinfection Solutions’ with the support of the student forum Udaan. The Guests of Honour were Mr. Ramanathan Rajamani (CEO, Air India SATS), Dr. Ashwani Khanna (Executive Director, Aerotech Support Services Pvt Ltd), Mr. P.G. Prageesh (Chief of Corporate Communications at Air India Express) and Mr. Haemath Manchella (Co-founder and CEO, Janyu Tech Pvt Ltd). The webinar was organized under the guidance of Dr. Neeraj Anand, Head, Department of Transportation Management, and the leadership of Dr. Githa Heggde, Dean, School of Business, UPES.

Mr. Prageesh began by self-introduction. He made into our notice that Air India Express is the first airline in India to introduce UV-based technology at Delhi International Airport.
He also provided us with a brief background of Air India Express.
• The headquarters of Air India Express is in Cochin, Kerala.
• The airlines mainly fly to middle-east and south-east Asia.
He also stated that the confidence of the passengers resulted in the profitability of the airline in the last 5 years. The UV technology meets all the concerns of the passengers, like hygiene and sanitization. The introduction of UV-technology will increase the commercial interest of the airline.

Aashna Kushwaha welcomed Dr. Ashwani Khanna. He started off by telling us the reason behind the introduction of UV-C disinfectant to the market. The main idea of Aerotech is to bring in technology to save money for the airlines.
He also informed us that he had collaborated with Janyu Tech.
Dr. Ashwani provided some insights on UV-C disinfectants. UV-C specializes in industrial robotics and they have received many queries from UK and middle-east. The most important part of UV-C is that it is a futuristic technology. Its uniqueness is that it is unmanned, it’s completely robotics. UV-C disinfectant makes air travel more vulnerable and builds confidence in passengers. Vector air equipment is also used in general areas named UV Vector Air +. It is mainly used in areas where there is maximum exposure such as lounges, supermarkets etc.
He related the UV disinfection with Covid-19. He mentioned that cleaning and disinfecting are a part of the process. It is very important to build passenger confidence. He also made us aware of the different key features that have to be kept in mind. The bandwidth of UV rays is 254nm. UV-C is the germicide band of UV light. Distance has to be maintained as UV rays are harmful to humans and it has to be operated up to 25-30 meters.
Different features of UV-C technology have also been mentioned by him. It has got a camera and a log-in slot where all the data (who operated, where it’s been operated, how long etc) will be stored.

After Dr. Ashwani’s informative talk, Farihaa Naeem welcomed Mr. Ramnathan Rajmani. Ever since he joined as the CEO of Air India Express, he ensured to make a difference in the industry. He gave a brief introduction about the Air India Sats i.e. it is a 50/50 joint venture of their national carrier Air India and Sats based in Singapore.
He made it clear that to bring up the aviation industry, the passengers must have confidence in the airlines and stakeholders in the aviation industry. He also supported and admitted to the features and facts of the UV-C disinfectants which have been told by Dr. Ashwani. Mr. Ramnathan said that using manual disinfection is room for human errors. UV-C is an automated machine and can reduce those concerns. It will boost up the confidence of the passengers. The main aspect of UV-C disinfectant is that it increases the confidence of the cabin crew. And if they are confident, the service level will automatically boost up.

After an inspiring talk by Mr. Ramnathan, Farihaa welcomed Mr. Haemath Manchella. He spoke on the areas where robotics can play a significant role in the aviation sector. He said that various technological solutions will reduce the turbulence and drag significantly and can save a couple of crores per aircraft annually. Many activities which are done manually today can be done through robotic technologies by using the robotic arms which may result in deployment in personnel

At the end of the webinar, Mr. Ramnathan and Mr. Haemath answered to a couple of questions regarding their decisions of taking the UV Vector Air.


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