Consumer Reports Doesn’t Have Much Good To Say About The VW ID.4

Consumer Reports recently got their hands on the new 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 and had a few things to say about it on their latest Talking Cars podcast. In the video, the three reviewers gave their first impressions of the EV before testing it.  

They didn’t say many good things about the ID.4 and didn’t have much enthusiasm for it. It’s almost as if they were talking about a new run-of-the-mill gas car. I felt they had more negative things to say about the EV. 

As for the positives, they mentioned the ID.4 handles well, the ride is mostly comfortable, the interior is roomy, and it looks good. That’s about it. They spent most of the time talking about the negatives. They noted that the acceleration is underwhelming, they didn’t like how the shifter operated, and they didn’t care for the driver’s window switches or how the A/C and heated seats are controlled. Then they spent a good amount of time talking about how Electrify America’s charging network isn’t very good and how Volkswagen dealerships might mark up ID.4 prices. 

Their initial impressions might change your mind if you’re thinking about buying an ID.4, but in their defense, they still haven’t spent much time with it and haven’t put it through their usual testing regimen. Consumer Reports will have more coverage on the ID.4 soon and will likely compare it to the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Volkswagen ID.4 has gotten some positive reviews. Edmunds likes the ID.4 a lot and said it’s better than the Tesla Model Y. Engineering Explained mostly liked it but said it isn’t ready to compete with rivals until it receives future software updates.

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