Lexus Hoverboard "Slide" makes Fairy Tail Flying Carpet Real

Lexus just unveiled a working hoverboard called “Slide”.
While it may not be the “Back to the Future”-style transportation many were hoping for, it is a cool piece of technology.
Hoverboards have been faked before, but what Lexus is doing isn’t exactly a lie or a hoax. They made a real, working hoverboard

Lexus also made a skatepark with magnetic rails buried underneath, which makes the whole thing possible.

The mechanism is based on the concept that when magnets have opposite poles, they repel each other and force a space between them.
Inside the board is a superconductor, which generates an intense magnetic field when extremely cold. Give it a supply of liquid nitrogen and it floats above an opposing magnet
Lexus put together a special skate park in Barcelona, Spain, to show off the Slide.
This wasn’t new science. this technology has actually been around for years. It’s what powers maglev trains. Lexus just shrunk it down to the size of a skateboard and buried the rail.
A low profile cryostat is used to keep the superconductors in the hoverboard at a cold enough temperature for riding

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