What are Tax Write-Offs? And Why you should take them ALL! Episode #35 w/Christina Lael


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Episode 35 Christina Lael

Christina Lael, Founder of Lael Tax, LLC, is one of only 60 people in America certified by the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners. Starting her corporate journey in the Accounting wing of a Fortune 500 company to gradually progressing into a winning entrepreneur-cum-tax expert, Christina’s journey is a lesson for anyone willing to succeed in the tax department.

Christina sits with me for today’s episode of Success Leaves Clues and throws light on reducing your business’ tax liability legally using her specialized program, Freedom Tax Plans. She gets into the different plans, offerings, and benefits of the same, giving you a 360-degree experience of it. You’ll also learn about the various free course programs she offers + some of the intelligent thinking used in her tax-saving methodologies. Listen in!

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About Christina!
Christina Lael is the Founder of Lael Tax, LLC, where she helps attorneys, lawyers, partners, and tax firms legally reduce their tax liability by using expert strategies and principles in the tax code.

Connect With Christina!
Website: https://freedomtax.io/

Connect with Me!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drkwashington/
Host: Dr. K

Time Stamps
[00:02] Intro
[00:27] Meet Christina, Founder of Lael Tax, LLC
[03:22] Christina’s journey in the corporate world, starting with a Fortune 500 company in their accounting department
[03:48] How Christina helped individuals and businesses alike save money on taxes with her unique program called ‘Freedom Tax Plans’
[05:50] Christina’s way of saving money on taxes: increasing your business expenses without spending money, for example
[08:10] The different ways to structure your business and the software, methodologies, and tips for the same without changing your business structure
[10:22] Christina’s path to entrepreneurship and the lessons from her corporate career that helped in the same
[12:04] The ways to build a fantastic team for your business
[13:13] The hire slow, fire fast principle
[15:20] Plans for Christina’s future amid The Great Resignation
[16:57] How to improve your processes: Learning from mistakes, communicating better, optimizing your time
[18:20] How Christina’s Freedom Tax Plan works
[19:52] Reporting more income and other IRS details
[22:34] Freedom Tax Plans’ one-on-one tax saving strategy help, tax plans, and more that you can utilize
[24:02] How to know how much of deductions you actually want and how losses are carried forward
[27:10] Christina shares about her dad’s tech background
[28:16] How exactly ‘Freedom Tax Plans’ plans on helping its clients
[29:23] Documenting your deductions without the guesswork + Christina’s app ‘Lael’ tax that helps with the same
[32:36] Freedom Tax Plans is for ANY business owner

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