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DIGITIMES Research report shows that Taiwan‘s ICT industry development has shifted from focusing on hardware to hardware/software integration models. The industry is combining big data analysis and AI applications in public IoT to facilitate the development of smart city management. Tools such as IoT, AI, cloud computing, and communications technologies are efficiently integrated with urban infrastructure to ultimately produce economic benefits and improve quality of life.

It is estimated that the business opportunities of smart cities will reach $2.6 trillion in 2025, mainly in the Asia Pacific region. Smart cities, with a massive business potential, will become the future momentum!

00:04:12 Dr. Ayesha Khanna – Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI
? Sustainability and the Future of Cities; Evolution of Smart Cities

00:34:05 Tok Aik Hong – Technical Director of Great Connection System (GCS)
? Smart City – Intelligent (Unmanned) Space Management Solution – Singapore

DIGITIMES 研究報告指出,台灣ICT產業發展已漸由硬體主導走向軟硬整合模式,結合大數據分析與人工智慧應用於公共物聯網,將助益智慧城市管理發展。物聯網、AI、雲端運算和通訊技術等工具與城市的基礎建設形成有效率的互動,最終提升經濟效能,並改善民眾生活品質。


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