China's FUTURISTIC Smart City On Earth | ONLY IN CHINA | 未来之城——重庆


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China’s FUTURISTIC Smart City On Earth | ONLY IN CHINA | 未来之城——重庆

What To Know About China’s Smart Cities and How They Use AI, 5G, and IoT

China is massively invested in the digital transformation of its cities. With the nation’s top-down approach towards urban development, it has been able to efficiently rally its industries and resources to support its national goal of developing smart cities. By use of public-private partnerships and the promotion of targeted technological innovation, China has developed smart city infrastructure that has already been applied to many of its major metropolises and their industries.
Imagine a city where artificial intelligence monitors and directs traffic, buses and taxis drive themselves, and everyone is capable of engaging with the city’s government and infrastructure through smartphones as opposed to relying on inefficient bureaucracy. If these concepts were introduced 20 years ago, it may have been something out of a science fiction novel. However, these capabilities have either been in development or actively deployed throughout China since the nation began its push for smart cities and smart city infrastructure in 2011.

Innovations in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, 5G, and new energy vehicles over the past decade have inherently transformed many parts of China into smart cities already. These have been largely possible through China’s state-led initiatives in technological innovation as well as public-private enterprise involvement. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing are among the earliest cities to have begun the transformation process, and their progress now provides a blueprint for smart city infrastructure for many of China’s lower-tiered cities.

Unlike Western-style smart cities which often have a bottom-up approach in development and implementation, Chinese smart cities are intended to be largely top-down, with the central government playing a vital role in the development and implementation of their smart cities. China’s domestic tech giants are also key players in the push to modernize city infrastructures, and companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Didi Chuxing, Baidu, and Huawei have already begun implementing their technologies to progress towards China’s national goals of developing smart

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