Learning street vehicles names, spelling and sounds for kids with Tomica and Mr. Blue| vehículos


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Learning street vehicles names, spelling and sounds for kids with Tomica and Mr. Blue| ονόματα οχημάτων | nombres de vehiculos | tên phương tiện

Does your kid love street vehicles? Let’s learn about street vehicle names and sounds with TOMY Tomica 2015 !
In this video, we will show the transportation vehicle and pronounce the name of it, we also play the sounds of this type vehicle. So after watching the video, your kid will not only able to identify the outlook of each vehicle, but also remember the vehicle name and recognize the vehicle sounds.

TOMY is a very famous Japanese toy company because the realistic modeling and powerful detail in each common vehicle model.

Each Tomica car has parts which is movable, this greatly increase the learning interests to children. The list of street vehicle: double-decker bus, ambulance, police car, bus, mail truck.

This video is also suitable for someone who want to learn English as second language, We hope your kid will enjoy this video and learn the pronunciation, name of street vehicle and able to identify the vehicle sound same as my kid. If you want to watch more video from us, please
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