When (+ How) To Replace Your Roller Skate Wheels


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Is it time to change your roller skate wheels? How do you know when to replace them? Also, how do you even replace roller skate wheels? We have you covered! Keep reading this blog to learn more about when to know it’s time to replace your roller skate wheels and how to do it!

When It’s Time To Change Out Roller Skate Wheels

There are a good many ways that you can tell the wheels on your skates need to be replaced. Maybe they’re making a thudding noise or you feel uneven wear. Both of these typically mean your skate wheels need to be replaced. If your wheels feel like they aren’t rolling as smoothly, it most likely also means that it’s time to replace them. Your wheels should roll as well as they did the first few skates, and if they don’t you should change the wheels.

You may not know this, but roller skate wheels can wear differently based on which wheel it is on the skate, as well as what kind of skating you do. Certain roller sports like jam skating, roller derby, speed skating, and more can put more wear on your wheels. So you may have to change them more frequently if you do those kinds of skating.

How To Replace Your Roller Skate Wheels

The wheels are imperative to roller skating because that’s what keeps you on the rink! Be sure to keep them in good condition and regularly maintain them. By following these 5 easy steps, you’ll have new wheels on your skates in a flash:

Loosen the axle nut or screw

You’ll want to first loosen the axle nut or screw. Remember, lefty loosey! Continue loosening until you can remove the nut or axle bolt.

Remove the wheels

Next, you’ll want to carefully remove the wheel. Make sure you leave everything else ready to put the new wheel into it.

Fit the new wheels in the axel

You’ll want to clean the axle and then fit the new wheels in. Be sure they are lined up properly and facing the right way before you tighten them.

Attach the wheel and tighten them

Once you know they’re in there properly, it’s time to tighten them back up. Remember, righty tighty! Be careful to not overdo it and damage the axle.

Test the new wheels

Before you take them for a spin on your feet, be sure to test them on the ground and roll them around. Make sure they roll freely, but the wheel is still stable within the axle.

Once your new skates are tested and ready to go, come by Skate Moore to take them for a spin on our rink!

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