Flatbar – Vegan energy bar for skaters!


by Kerry Weber



Vegan energybar plant based skateboarder snacksFlatbar is a new vegan energy bar made for skaters, by a skater!  The ingredients are simple, healthy and make an impact on your healthy and energy levels. They’re also really tasty and full of puns!  An Indigogo campaign has been setup to fund the first production run of the bars.   The incentives of the kickstarter are mostly around the bars in a subscription format, in addition to getting an opportunity to submit a clip to the product launch skate video!   

Flatbar energy bar veganI was able to get a sample of the bars, and they’re really good!  The texture is great, they don’t crumble like other fruit based energy bars, and the addition of quinoa in the Switch Mango Push makes for a really satisfying crunchy texture! 

The production package will look more like this. 

Johnny Lozano is a skater and in addition to working as an attorney, also writes a food blog at the Berrics called Salad Grinds and Bean Plants, which for nearly a year has been showing off some amazing recipes and even more puns! ED TEMPEHTON, anyone? 

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