A futuristic design of bullet train featuring a long metallic nose🚄 |Tokyo-Sendai


by Travel GOAT



This time I took advantage of a JR campaign and took the Tohoku Shinkansen Yamabiko train to Sendai!
Although it is not as fast as the Hayabusa, the fastest bullet train, it runs through the snow without a hitch 🚄.
You can even see a rare bullet train passing by!

Train Information
Train: Tohoku Shinkansen Yamabiko train
Class: Non-reserved seat
Route: Tokyo Station – Sendai Station
Fare: **** (Normal fare: 12,540 yen)
Recommendation: ★★★★★

For details of the train, click here↓.

👍 This review 👂.
・The price is cheaper than the Hayabusa.
・Unusual bullet train running in the snow: ☃️
・The Hayabusa is a very powerful train.
・The seats are more luxurious than Nozomi’s!

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0:00 Highlights
0:10 Early morning Tokyo Station ☀️
1:43 Buy breakfast at “Matsuri” station bento shop
3:20 Board the bullet train Yamabiko train & check seating facilities🚆.
5:55 Eat breakfast🍱.  
8:17 Walk around the train
9:40 Enter the snow country ☃️
11:34 Wait for the HAYABUSA to pass by Fukushima Station
14:18 Arrive at Sendai Station🐄.

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