5 Top Destinations for a Spring Break EV Road Trip

4 U.S. Routes and One Surprise

Spring’s arrival means winter’s snow is melting and the temperatures are warming up. The conditions are ripe to take your first road trip of the year. If you have an electric vehicle, vacations may include more planning, but the extended ranges available from many new EVs and an expanding charging infrastructure are making trips like these easier to take.

How can you create a memorable spring break journey with your battery-electric car? Here are five destinations ideal for EV owners this spring.

As far south as you can drive

The Florida Keys

Spring break leads many to travel south, and the Florida Keys are as far south as travelers can go in the lower 48 states. The Overseas Highway offers a 113-mile route from the southern tip of Florida through the Florida Keys to Key West.

Travelers can participate in fishing tours and visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Charging your EV won’t be an issue because the Overseas Highway has plenty of chargers along the route.

Highway One

The opposite side of the country takes you to Highway One. California’s State Route 1 that starts an hour south of Los Angeles (where it is known as the Pacific Coast Highway) and ends in Leggett, three hours north of San Francisco. Highway One spans more than 650 miles and provides numerous opportunities for sightseeing.

You’ll see the tranquil waters of the Pacific Ocean along the route, with orca and gray whales in the early springtime. Highway One is excellent for EV drivers with short distances between chargers. The highway has scenic views, especially the 139-mile drive from Monterey to Morro Bay, which takes you through Big Sur and numerous state parks.

One scenic stretch after another

DetroitThe Motor City

There are plenty of chances to see the best American culture offers between the coasts. The Midwest is the heart of the U.S., and Detroit is where it all began for the automotive industry.

You can ride in a Model T at the Henry Ford Museum and see the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. The Motor City has a buzzing culture with a terrific live music scene, tasty Middle Eastern cuisine and world-famous Detroit-style pizza. 

Route 66

Driving across one state is fun, but what about eight? Route 66 is among the most iconic road trips you can take in the U.S. The great American road starts in Chicago and takes you through cities like St. Louis and Oklahoma City before ending in Santa Monica on the west side of Los Angeles.

Route 66 features numerous iconic sites like Cadillac Ranch, the Gateway Arch and more. The road is nearly 2,500 miles, so it’s ideal for those who want to see America’s heartland. It can also be taken in shorter chunks. The Southwest portions can get hot quickly, so use your air conditioner sparingly to save battery if you run low.

Germany’s Romantic Road

Sometimes, the travel bug takes you to international destinations. Germany’s Romantic Road is a popular destination for EV owners. The route is more than 200 miles long and takes you from Würzburg to Füssen, near the Austrian border. 

The Romantic Road highlights German architecture, featuring castles and small towns with medieval architecture. Imagine the pictures of Germany you’d see on a postcard, and that’s what travelers get here. EV charging is accessible on the Romantic Road because it has 160 stations as you travel toward the beautiful Alps.

Spring Break with an EV

Driving an EV means taking trips anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide, as long as there are charging stations along the route. Be mindful of maintenance needs and weather changes over long distances.

Going from one state to the next could mean significantly hotter or colder temperatures, so you’ll want to be ready for anything. Plan ahead.

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